Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Longshore worker?

New longshore workers are brought into the industry under the control of the Coast Labor Relations Committee (a Committee of ILWU and Employer representatives.) When necessary, and after a specific local port area has made a determination that new Casual workers are needed in that port, a public notice will be posted, usually through one or more local newspapers, describing the detailed steps to follow in order to be considered as an applicant.

Those individuals who have followed an approved Casual hiring process in a given port area, are assigned a randomly generated sequence number. For applicants who have received a sequence number but have not yet been processed, information regarding your status can be gathered by checking/confirming the sequence number posted on the PMA website. It is important to note that in many cases, the processing of casuals is not an ongoing event. For instance, if in a given port the approved number of Casual workers have been processed, further Casual processing may cease until such time that additional Casuals are needed. While an applicant may have been given a sequence number, there is/was no guarantee of employment as a longshore worker.

Important: The industry does not accept applications for employment as a longshore worker. Submitting applications or seeking longshore employment directly from the local PMA or ILWU office is not an approved hiring method and will not result in an offer of employment.


How do I change my 401(k) investments?
You must contact Fidelity directly by calling their toll free telephone service at 1-800-761-ILWU (800-761-4598), or online at

How do I change my 401(k) hourly deduction amount?
You must contact Fidelity directly by calling their toll free telephone service at 1-800-761-ILWU (800-761-4598), or online at


How can I contact the Payroll Department?
Several ways. You can go to the local PMA office. You can call TOLL FREE 1-888-PMA-1234 (888-762-1234). You can send an email to

Can I have my payroll check mailed each week to my home?
Yes. Please contact our Payroll Department.

How do I obtain Proof of Employment?
Please contact our Payroll Department.

How do I update my mailing address?
In order for payroll to make changes to a longshoreman’s address, a W4 form must be completed in full, signed and dated. It can then either be mailed to Payroll Department or, for faster service, be faxed to 310-522-5541.

Payroll Department’s mailing address is:

Attention Payroll
101 Southwest Main Street, Ste 330
Portland, OR 97204

How do I file a pay shortage claim?
There are several ways. You can contact the company directly that you were shorted. You can fill out a shortage claim form (available at the dispatch halls). You can call in your shortage claim to the TOLL FREE number (1-888-PMA-1234). You can also print the shortage claim form here: Pay Shortage Claim Form.

How do I access Payroll Self Service?
This is currently a pilot program with registered members of ILWU local 13 only. You can access Payroll Self Service from the Longshore section under Payroll Self Service. After you login to the application, there is a user guide that you can view located on the main web page by clicking the help icon. Should you have any need of assistance, please call the toll free customer service number (888) 762-1234.

Safety Shoes

Q – When and where am I required to wear safety shoes? A – Under the 2008 Pacific Coast Marine Safety Code, rules 612(c), 651(c), 1154(c), 1609(c) and 17.701(c) states, (c) “Approved safety shoes shall be worn by all employees working in the terminal operating environment.” (Essentially anywhere outside the office)

Q – What happens if I don’t wear my safety shoes when required? A – First your employer will remind you that they are required and instruct you to put them on. Hopefully they will be in the trunk of you car if you are not already wearing them so you can get them quickly. If you do not have any safety shoes with you, the terminal is required to have a limited number of safety ”toe caps” that you must wear for the duration of the shift. They must be returned at the end of the shift. If you refuse to wear safety shoes, or the toecaps offered, you are in violation of, Pacific Coast Marine Safety Code, rules 612(c), 651(c), 1154(c), 1609(c) and 17.701(c) states, (c).

The provisions of Section 17 of the PCL&CD may also apply to any longshore worker or clerk who refuses to wear safety footwear on the job when required.

Q – What happens if I lose my certificate? A – You will have to apply to the local Joint Port Labor Relations Committee for a new one. There will be a delay of about one month while the old certificate is cancelled and the system is checked to ensure that it hasn’t been used. The Deadline to turn in a request for lost certification is May 10, 2012. You must have a valid current (W-4) address on file with PMA for receipt of the certificate.

Q – Where can I obtain the “Reimbursement Request Form” or the “Lost Shoe Replacement” form in order to be reimbursed for my purchase or request a replacement certificate? A – You may stop by one of PMA local offices or go online at, click on the heading entitled “Longshore” then “Safety Shoe Forms” or “Reimbursement Request Form” to print a copy of the form you need.

Q – When can I use my certificate? A – Immediately on receipt at any of the 125 Red Wing’s participating shoe stores.

Q – Can I payroll deduct the amount over $200 purchased at the RED WING store? A – NO. There is no payroll deduction associated with this program. If you go over the $200 amount with your purchase, the extra must be paid for by you at the time of sale.

Q – What if RED WING doesn’t have the shoe I want to purchase in stock? A – RED WING will measure you for that shoe and will ship it directly to you.

Q – Can I use the $200 to buy safety shoes for someone other than myself? A – NO, shoes will only be sold that fit the foot of the certificate holder.

Q – What happens if I don’t use the entire $200 allowance at once. A – You must turn in the $200 certificate at the time of purchase. You will get a RED WING store credit for the unused amount. HOWEVER the credit MUST be used at the same store where the certificate was first used. It may only be used toward the purchase of Safety shoes.

Q – Can any certificate credits be carried over to next year? A – NO, this program runs year to year. If you don’t use your certificate by June 30, 2012 it expires.

Q – When do I get next year’s certificate? A – The program will run year to year ending on June 30, 2012. The next years certificates will be issued approximately late July 2012.

Q – What happens if the Red Wing, WORX or IRISH SETTER shoes have a defect such as sole separation? A – Take the shoes back to the store they were purchased from. The Red Wing Store dealers have been instructed to properly address all defects.

Q – What is the biggest reason for not receiving your certificate? A – Having a bad address on file with PMA. It’s your responsibility to make sure PMA has your current address. Remember, you must submit a W-4 “Change of Address Form” whenever you move. Certificates are mailed to your W-4 Address on file with PMA. No other address will be accepted.