Compensation of Longshoremen, Marine Clerks, and Foremen Employed at Marine Terminals in California, Oregon, and Washington Ports

International Longshore and Warehouse Union members working as Longshoremen, Marine Clerks, and Foremen at America’s West Coast ports are the highest-paid blue-collar workers in the nation and enjoy some of the most generous benefits provided to any workers today, according to a study published by Dr. David L. Crawford, Ph.D. and commissioned by the Pacific Maritime Association. In fact, the highest-paid ILWU workers earn more than many white-collar workers who have advanced degrees.

Dr. Crawford’s study also found that benefits for ILWU members exceed those available to other American workers. The cost to employers of health care, retirement, holidays, paid vacation, and other benefits totaled an average of $29.37 per hour, the study found, compared to an average of $18.80 for union workers and $8.76 for non-union workers.