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PMA is proud to be known as a leading resource for reliable information on the West Coast waterfront, including data on the workforce and cargo movement. Further, PMA reports on major news stories related to West Coast ports.


August 7, 2017PMA Chief’s Statement on Historic Waterfront Contract Extension
July 28, 2017PMA Chief Hails Historic Waterfront Contract Extension Vote; Labor Agreement Would Run Through 2022
June 26, 2017PMA Statement on ILWU Local 63’s Organizing Efforts
February 6, 2017PMA Statement on Restart of Casual Draw Process
November 1, 2016Joint PMA-ILWU Statement on Contract Extension Talks
June 1, 2015PMA Statement on ILWU Local 34’s Failure to Dispatch Workers At Port of Oakland on Sunday, May 31
May 22, 2015Pacific Maritime Association Statement On Final Contract Approvals
May 20, 2015Pacific Maritime Association Members Ratify New Five-Year Contract
March 11, 2015PMA Statement on Oakland Work Stoppages
February 22, 2015Arbitrator Finds ILWU Local 10 Guilty of Illegal Work Stoppage at Oakland Ports
February 20, 2015PMA, ILWU Announce West Coast Waterfront Contract


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April 30, 2014West Coast Ports’ Economic Impact (with shutdown impacts)
by John Martin; report summary here.
May 2014Competitive Uncertainty and the Panama Canal
by Michael Nacht and Larry Henry; report summary here.


February 11, 2015ILWU Slowdowns Lead to Temporary Suspension of Vessel Operations on Four Weekend, Holiday Dates
February 9, 2015ILWU Demands Right to Fire Arbitrators Who Rule Against Them
February 6, 2015West Coast Ports To Temporarily Suspend Weekend Vessel Operations In Light Of Continued Union Slowdowns
February 4, 2015Video update from the Pacific Maritime Association
February 4, 2015PMA Makes “All-in” Offer to ILWU as Contract Talks Lag
Fact Sheet on PMA offer here.
Detailed data on ILWU Slowdowns and Dispatch here.
January 12, 2015Longshore Union Work Slowdowns Bring Terminal Operations To The Brink Of Gridlock
Fact Sheet on ILWU Slowdowns and Dispatch here.
January 2, 2015PMA Calls on ILWU Leaders to Stop Withholding Skilled Workers
Fact Sheet on ILWU Slowdowns here.
December 29, 2014PMA Renews Call for Federal Mediation in West Coast Longshore Negotiations
December 22, 2014PMA Requests Federal Mediation
December 17, 2014Negotiations Update
November 20, 2014ILWU Slowdowns Now Extend to Bargaining Table
November 13, 2014Longshore Union Slowdowns Continue in Advance of Critical Holiday Shopping Season
November 6, 2014Longshore Union’s Job Actions Spread from Pacific Northwest to Nation’s Largest Port Complex in Southern California
August 26, 2014PMA and ILWU Update on Contract Talks: Tentative Agreement Reached on Health Benefits
July 25, 2014PMA and ILWU Provide Update on Contract Talks
July 18, 2014PMA and ILWU Provide Update on Contract Talks
July 11, 2014PMA and ILWU Provide Update on Contract Talks
July 7, 2014PMA and ILWU Provide Update on Contract Talks
July 1, 2014PMA and ILWU Continue Talks on a New Labor Agreement as the Existing Contract Expires
June 4, 2014PMA & ILWU Provide Update on Contract Talks
May 12, 2014Talks Begin on New West Coast Waterfront Labor Pact